CH NY MEWS Sophia Purr-en
Sealpoint Himalayan Female

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Sophia Purr-en, sealpoint himalayan female

This little fluff ball was born on June 23 2003. Her mother is Tosya, also a sealpoint, and her dad is Sealy Dan


Sophie, November 2003

sealpoint himalayan female, Sophie



Real glamor cats, the himalayans combine the luxurious sophistication of the Persian family with the poise, good looks and markings of the Siamese. Like the Siamese the himalayan invariably has bright, sapphire-blue eyes and a face mask, ears, legs, feet and tail (the 'points') that are a different color than the rest of the body.



Experimental breeding programs in Sweden and the US during the 1920's produced the first Himalayans, but it was not until the late 1940's after a succession of carefully planned crossbreedings bewtween Persians and Siamese, that the modern cat finally emerged.

Himalayans are a subdivision of the Persian breed, whereas a few decades ago, in the CFA, they were presented as a separate breed.



To their owners, Himalayans combine the best of the two worlds: they have the gentle nature of the Persian, and the spirited, conversational nature of the Siamese. They are wonderful companions!


Himalayans come in MANY color varieties, such as sealpoint, bluepoint, chocolate point, creampoint, flamepoint to name a few. Crossing in tabby has also produced lynx-points in as many colors.



The CFA breed standard describes the Himalayan persian as follows:




Body: clear color is preferred with subtle shading allowed. Allowance should be made for darker color in older cats but there must be a definite contrast between body color and point color. The points, consisting of ears, legs, feet, tail, and mask show the basic color of the cat. The ideal mask extends from above the eyes down through the chin and stretches beyond the eyes from side to side.


SEAL POINT: body even pale fawn to cream, warm in tone, shading gradually into lighter color on the stomach and chest. Points deep seal brown. Nose leather and paw pads: seal brown. Eye color: deep vivid blue.

sealpoint himalayan female, Sophie




These are some of SOPHIE'S Babies:



CH NYMews Lily Pawns

(sire is Gio)

CH NYMews Chip Off The Ol' Rock

(Sire is SIMON)
GRC NYMews Honey Nut

(Sire is SIMON)




Quote from "The Rules for Cats," by Fancy Mews

Cultivate The Feline Mystique:

Never Be too consistent. It is important to keepo the person in your life guessing when it comes to your likes and dislikes.

Should you make a faux pas, always act as if your action was deliberate and intentional.

Learn to look bored instead of merely lazy. An expression of boredom will cause your person to feel guilty, and this will work to your advantage.

Do NOT under any circumstances, reveal your true intelligence or your ability to fend for yourslef. You will blow the gig for the rest of us.