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We have been breeding and showing the elegant Persians and Himalayans since 1997. The children have grown and so this is our second 'furry' family.

See Pictures of us at the shows

Since I lost my beloved Ray to cancer, I have decided to stop breeding.

We have a friend in Canada that we help out by advertising her himalayans. She doesn't have a website and we wouldn't do this if her cats had any type of fungus or parasite problems. They may not be show kittens, but they ARE adorable and healthy...and this is what really matters.

We always have cozy kitties on the bed at night. Our cats are not caged. The cattery is the house, not some separate building or remote area. We do NOT shave down our cats. It means they are used to bathing and combing. If you are not up to keeping up the coat, we suggest you look for an exotic (short-haired 'persian') - same look, short coat. We have a couple people we could recommend.

From the time our kittens arrive until they day they leave, they are picked up and cuddled. They are part of our family. By doing this, the kittens are socialized and friendly. Visit our GALLERY page

Newborns are kept in a separate room for the first 7 to 8 wks where they have access to their own litter (Yesterdays News brand) and water and kitten food (Royal Canin Baby Cat).

Once they receive their first shots and are mature enough to be able to jump up over the baby gate, they are let into the rest of the house, one room at a time.

Then, they graduate to TIDY CAT scoopable and IAMS Kitten. We also feed raw hamburg as a treat. We buy a family pack, roll it into golfball sized balls, freeze. Thaw one out each morning. Cheaper and healthier and more natural than canned...less mess too!

By the time they leave, they will have had at least five experiences with bathing and blow drying as well as with face washing, nail clipping and grooming. They will also have been introduced to normal noises such as TV, music and the vacuum cleaner!

All kittens and/or cats are CFA registered when sold and have a health guarantee. Persian and Himalayan kittens and/or cats will be current on inoculations.

We send our Persian and Himalayan babies home with an "instruction manual" and all medical records and the CFA registration papers as well as other interesting documents.