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updated 5/6/19


At this time, we do not have any kittens expected.


if you would like to be put on our waiting list, please EMAIL me and I will save your message and send you kitten updates as I have them, or I might be able to direct you you to a reputable breeder



"Blueberry" playing, Video 1

"Blueberry" playing, Video 2

Blueberry No Longer available


Bluepoint Himalayan Male

Born April 10 2018


x Phoebe



(with Neuter agreement)


ABOUT "BB" (Blueberry)

He loves to play, loves to eat, good with the litter box....extremely gentle, affectionate lap kitty!!!!!

Is NOT a climber. Does NOT even jump up on chairs or bed....he is like a super fluffy ragdoll!!!

He is a waterbowl diver, so he WILL need his face washed every day. He is great with bathing and blow-drying - he DOES drink out of a Water Bottle :-) but some of my cats do not, so he also accesses the water bowls.

He has a LOT of gorgeous coat!!! But I do trim it shorter under the chin due to his getting it wet in the water, then of course, he eats the dry food and gets stained from that....

I have never seen such a laid-back animal in all my days of having kittens! You can put him on his back and he just stays there.

if you would like to be put on our waiting list, please EMAIL me and I will save your message and send you kitten updates as I have them



  • MALE vs FEMALE: take note that ALL of our adults cats are highly sociable...if you visit, they will surround you wanting to be petted. Our kittens have this same purrsonality! Our males do NOT spray!!! So, don't be worried about a male because of that. Our girls are just as affectionate as the boys.

  • Price is $1500, but INCLUDES spay/neuter/vaccines

  • kittens will be spay/neutered/vet checked prior to leaving at age 13-16 weeks, (they MUST weigh 2 pounds before vet will spay/neuter)....and this is included in price

  • We are located an hour north of Syracuse but we MIGHT be able to deliver or meet part way

  • We do NOT ship..too many have ended disasterous.

  • $150 deposit is required to reserve a kitten. They are CFA registered Show Quality himalayan kittens. We reserve the right to cancel any sale at any time and issue a full refund should we opt to keep a kitten for ourselves. We do not cancel sales for higher offers.

  • More questions? Click here to read the BUYING OVERVIEW

  • Interested in one of the babies???? Please EMAIL me


If any of the FUTURE litters interest you,
to be put on our waiting list

Due to the incredible amount of Robo-Calls, I PREFER email.





more information on buying a persian from us


If interested in securing a persian or himalayan kitten with a deposit, Contact Me and I will send you mailing address or you may use paypal for the $150 deposit portion ONLY. Paypal takes a percentage. It IS a convenience for the deposit ONLY .

I don't take deposits on unborn litters...nothing is 100% predictable and we reserve the option to refund deposit in full if we decide to keep the kitten

For more info on upcoming kitten litters, send me an email and I will save the email and send you kitten announcements until you say to take you of our list

** When you email, PLEASE leave your phone number in case the email isn't responding ** We will be happy to notify you when we have kittens in the future. If you call, please be sure to leave your area code with your phone number.

We encourage you to ask many, many questions! If we don't know, we will do our best to find out.

A Persian cat is a beautiful animal with its glorious coat, and big round eyes. The modern Persian and Himalayan Cat requires a faithful owner! Grooming is absolutely essential to the health of your new kitten or cat. A few minutes each day needs to be set aside for grooming. Of course, this is a purr-fect time to interact with your new furry pal too.

Not up to all that fur, then please consider an exotic (this is essentially a short-haired persian, called the 'lazy man's persian')




more information on buying a persian from us


Sometimes we might be able to deliver within 8 hrs from us for about $175 or so. We are located near Watertown NY. Depends on price of gas and how far or if you can meet part way. We do NOT ship. There have been far too many pet deaths to take the risk. Obviously, we prefer you to make the trip to pick up your kitten.



more information on buying a persian from us


We prefer to have our persian and himalayan kittens to be placed as pets altered before leaving. Our vets at Black River Valley Veterinary Clinic advocate early spay/neuter and will alter kittens once they reach 2 pounds. Kittens are in by 8 AM, home by 2 PM and playing happily. Many states now mandate that pets MUST be spay/neutered prior to being released to homes.

Why spay or neuter??? Please read...

(2) If for some reason, it is not possible/preferable for early spay/neuter (undescended testicles, vet has no time slots, etc) we are willing to prolong the early neuters if the new owner & his/her vet feels more at ease with the delay. In this case, we will retain the CFA registration until the new owner is able to send us a copy of proof of alter.

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