CH Diwood Sealy Dan of NY Mews
Sealpoint Himalayan Male

Dan's pedigree


Sally Dockstader

Sally Dockstader

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9/2005 - Dan has retired from our cattery and is now living in S Africa!
No more cold winters for Dan!

Sealpoint himalayan male

From DiWood Cattery in Prince Edward Island, Canada, comes Sealy Dan, born May 14 2001! Picture at age 5 weeks.

sealpoint himalayan male

At 6 mo, he already weighed 9 pounds, and now weighs around 14 pounds. Dan has sired some very lovely babies!!

Dan's Parents:

Juky Olen liza

This is Dan's mother, Juky Olen's Liza of DiWood

4Him Living Stones

This is Dan's father, 4Him Living Stones of DiWood

Quote from "The Rules for Cats," by Fancy Mews

Everything that has to do with you is important:

If there is more than one cat in the house, be the first one to enjoy the fresh litter

Make your litter box a work of art. Litter should be raked and scooped into interesting patterns and swirls, creating the effect of a small Japanese rock garden.

Should your person fail to keep your box spotless and fresh, develop alternative privacy sites, such as the bathtub, fireplace or a potted plant.