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"Mouse" and her babies: Mouse is a copper eyed white persian, shown here with her red persian, black persian and white persians Information for the Informed Buyer
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Kittens should have at least their first vaccine, androutine dewormings. Always check for fleas, mites or fungus. and if FelV negative and FIV negative. A responsible breeder will make sure kittens are spay/neutered/vet-checked prior to leaving.

Breeders should offer a replacement guarantee of a SIMILAR quality when available if something unexpected happens and the kitten should not survive. (This excludes any infectious issues or death due to lack of responsibility or proper treatment by owner)


You should always have signed a contract



Once you place your deposit, the breeder should try to take pics weekly so you can see the kitten growing. You should be welcome to visit if possibleand be kept up to date of each event (vaccines, vet visit, etc).

Persian and Himalayan kittens are able to go to their new homes between 13-16 wks, depending on their confidence level. How old should a kitten be when it goes to a new home? [Read More...]

They must be wholly independent and eating their kitten foods and faithfully using their litter before they leave. All kittens sold as pets will be spay/neutered prior to leaving.

Pediatric spay/neuter is much less traumatic for young kittens than it is for adults. In rare cases, some Persians have died during surgery when a vet isn't familiar with the breed, or if the cat has a lethal reaction. Better to have this all done before homecoming…just in case! And of course, this prevents the accidental breeding of kittens sold as pets. Vets keep raising their prices, so this varies...


When you get your homecoming date, you should make your vet appointment for that same week so your own vet can confirm the health of the kitten and give the 2nd vaccine. Your vet will probably then make another appointment for the 3rd vaccine and the rabies.

Persians are an INDOOR only kitten/cat!



Food, Water and the litter:

Feed your new kitten some quality food such as Iams KITTEN and/or Royal Canin. A treat of canned food or even raw beef is ALWAYS beneficial. If you plan on using a different food, then make the transition slowly over 2 weeks by adding a little of the NEW food to the IAMS until the switch is done. No one wants diarrhea on a long-haired cat!

Fresh water daily (wash the dish too else slime happens!) May want to keep some distance between the food and the water

We use Tidy Cat Scoopable litter, but most will accept easily other types. Begin with more than one box placed throughout the home until the kitty is familiar and then, leave two if possible





The kittens are used to having some wet food each day. Here we always have on hand Friskies canned.

They also LOVE raw hamburg. This is fine to give them.

Wet food is important for male cats as part of their regular diet.

I have also cooked up chicken and turkey for them on occasion which they also like. Just cut in small pieces...they act like little feral cats with it, growling fiercely when they eat it. Too funny

If you switch, then in a couple weeks just keep adding the new food to this mix until it is gradually all the new stuff.

PREPARING TO GO HOME...the weeks before:

They have been bathed regularly and blow dried


Keep in mind that this is just a little baby, so keep everything he needs all in one area so he doesn't have to go far to find anything. Eventually he will rule the house - or co-rule if there are other pets. Remember he will not know who you are, or where he is or where his mom went. She has been a FIERCE protector of her babies driving out any adult cat from even looking at her babies!

You should receive have all the CFA and medicals papers and contract ready at delivery.


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