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"Mouse" and her babies: Mouse is a copper eyed white persian, shown here with her red persian, black persian and white persians Information for the Informed Buyer
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Our kittens are raised and personally loved by us. They live with us, sleep with us…and as a result, they are sociable and sweet companions. Our cats are treated like a regular house pet. No cages here

We do NOT shave the cats down for our convenience. If the cat has a nice coat, you will be handling the cat often to comb and wash faces and clip nails. How else are you going to know if your cat is suddenly feeling lighter etc if you do not handle him/her? I believe if you want the 'look' but no coat, then you should get an exotic.



Kittens will have at least their first vaccine, and will have had routine dewormings. We do not have fleas, mites or fungus. Our cats are all FelV negative and FIV negative. ALL kittens will be spay/neutered/vet-checked prior to leaving.

We do offer a replacement guarantee of a SIMILAR quality when available if something unexpected happens and the kitten should not survive. (This excludes any infectious issues or death due to lack of responsibility or proper treatment by owner) Read Contract


A kitten can be secured by a small deposit of $150 on a first-come/best fit basis.

When someone sends us a deposit we assume it is in good faith and that the buyer has read our "should I get a kitten questionnaire" and considered all the questions to yourself. These are questions and scenarios any pet owner needs to contemplate no matter what kind of pet you get.

We then modify the webpage to remove the kitten, update the record books, and transfer the funds. When the buyer changes his mind, the kitten has now lost 'exposure' as being available, the webpage needs to be modified and uploaded and funds need to be transferred back, as well as record books corrected. THE DEPOSIT WILL EVENTUALLY GO TO THE VET FOR SPAY/NEUTER. Once the spay/neuter happens, under no circumstances is it refundable from us.

***Personal checks and money orders are accepted ONLY if there is sufficient time for it to clear***

We can accept paypal (there is a 3.7% fee involved), but simplest!

Deposits are not accepted for unborn litters, as anything can happen and it would be a bookkeeping nightmare.

We keep the deposit amount reasonable in case something does happen and you cannot get a kitten. We are aware many breeders require 50% and theirs is never refundable.

Once a kitten arrives, to reserve a kitten, you will need to send a $150 deposit. If you wish to put down a larger deposit that is also ok.

We will let you know when the deposit arrives via email. Our policy is that a kitten is NOT technically sold until the deposit arrives. In the event that two deposits arrive, we then go by the postmark and return the last deposit uncashed.

We will try to email you pictures on a weekly basis so you can see how the kitten is growing.

BALANCES are due in full before releasing the kitten. You can send payments at intervals until homecoming keeping in mind that there must be time for checks to clear, or you may pay the balance (must be cash) at pickup/delivery




We change our mind -- our refund policy is as follows:

If we have to cancel the sale for any reason, you get your FULL deposit back if we have no other kitten to offer you of similar quality at that time or within a reasonable amount of time (less than 2 months). If we have offered you a similar kitten, and you decided you changed your mind, well, it is non-refundable. The deposit was taken in good faith that you wanted a kitten.


You change your mind -- our refund policy is as follows:

Deposits are taken in good faith that you intend to purchase a kitten or cat. Be aware that 99% of all breeders don't do ANY refunds.


OK! Here we go:


  • Within the first 5 days after receipt of deposit, full refund..this is the 'cooling down' period where you decided this was not a good idea after all...I mail check back or refund paypal.

  • Between 5-14 days after receipt of deposit, we may refund up to 50% of the deposit.
    see spay/neuter exception

  • After 14 days, or once the spay/neuter has occurred - no refunds of deposits!!

*** Deposits from checks/money orders must have cleared the bank prior to any refunds ***




If you placed a deposit, and then the kitten was sent to the vet for the spay or neuter, then NO REFUNDS....NO EXCEPTIONS!! The vet now has your deposit as it paid for the spay/neuter/vet visit

RATIONALE: A buyer had second thoughts and demanded their refund back on the day they were supposed to take him home. They had the deposit on him for a few weeks. The kitten was neutered a week before release date. We had already told another family 3 weeks prior that he was already sold so this kitten lost out on what could have been a good home. As a result, it took extra time for another good home to come along, and of course as they get older, by necessity, sometimes the price gets reduced..it is NOT cheap having litters contrary to what some say...so in this case, it was a substantial loss...


If we have a cat or kitten that was already spayed before being advertised, then this 'spay/neuter no-refund exception' does NOT apply

Another Example:

Suppose you placed a $150 deposit down when the kitten was 2 weeks old and the full cost is $900. And then, let's say when the kitten was 6 weeks old, you sent another $250 towards the balance. And then, 2 weeks later, you send another $200. The total now on the kitten is $600. Another 2 weeks go by and now the kitten will be ready to go home in 2 or 3 weeks. But, now....you changed your mind. That is ALL considered non-refundable. We thought about this and if this happens, then it is a colossal waste of everyone's time and the kitten is back to square one on being advertised. We know life throws curve balls. If you find yourself in this scenario, then, we need to work something out on a case by case situation



If you cannot keep the kitten, we WILL take it back ...or we will help you place it. It really depends on how far you are from us.


You will have signed a contract that specifically stated this will not occur

We may be able to refund you some or all of the money ONCE we have re-sold the kitten, but the refund will be based on the new sale price. Be patient...it might take some to re-home with the economy as it is.


We do expect that you could provide vet references and your environment for cats being placed as breeders if asked. Some restrictions apply for cats being placed as breeders.

"CHEAP PETS" - please take time to read

GC NYMews Giovanni Catsanova as a baby kitten



Kittens sold as pets (average $900-$1500) will be spayed or neutered prior to leaving for their new home. This is what your deposit covers!

The price considers the over-all appearance compared to the written standard. Blue or odd-eyed whites usually are at the higher end simply because of the rarity. (average $1500)

Also, just because they are placed as 'pets' doesn't mean that they are pet-quality or sub-standard. We feel that being placed as pampered pet is a happier option for our kittens no matter how 'show quality' a kitten might be

Kittens that are sold as breeders or for show are priced accordingly ($1000-$1800+). So what happens if the kitten doesn't develop as expected??

We can do a few things including adjusting the price or refunding the deposit.



Once you place your deposit, we will try to take pics weekly so you can see the kitten growing. You are welcome to visit if possible. We will keep in contact letting you know of each event (vaccines, vet visit, etc). Feel free to email us to chat about the kitten. I do not get home from work until after 6 PM, and then we have stuff to do and the kitty chores, but I usually check email by about 10:30 PM. This makes phone calls kind of difficult unless on weekends...which of course, are busy too with gardening!!

Our Persian and Himalayan kittens are able to go to their new homes between 13-16 wks, depending on their confidence level. How old should a kitten be when it goes to a new home? [Read More...]

They must be wholly independent and eating their kitten foods and faithfully using their litter before they leave. All kittens sold as pets will be spay/neutered prior to leaving.

Pediatric spay/neuter is much less traumatic for young kittens than it is for adults. In rare cases, some Persians have died during surgery when a vet isn't familiar with the breed, or if the cat has a lethal reaction. Better to have this all done before homecoming…just in case! And of course, this prevents the accidental breeding of kittens sold as pets. Vets keep raising their prices, so this varies...

When the baby is ready to go home, we deliver to New England, New York State, NJ/PA, NYC & vicinity and other places within a reasonable distance. We can meet part way..we do charge enough to cover gas & tolls. Shipping is an option to distances further away than an 6-8 hr drive...but we prefer that you fly up to pick up yourself to avoid the trauma of being shipped

When you get your homecoming date, you should make your vet appointment for that same week so your own vet can confirm the health of the kitten and give the 2nd vaccine. Your vet will probably then make another appointment for the 3rd vaccine and the rabies.

This is an INDOOR only kitten/cat! No need to do anything with the Feline leukemia (ours do NOT have it!!) unless you have a pet that already has it. All these 'extra' vaccines are just invasive.



Food, Water and the litter:

We feed our kittens Iams KITTEN and/or Royal Canin. A treat of canned food or even raw beef is ALWAYS beneficial. If you plan on using a different food, then make the transition slowly over 2 weeks by adding a little of the NEW food to the IAMS until the switch is done. No one wants diarrhea on a long-haired cat!

Fresh water daily (wash the dish too else slime happens!) May want to keep some distance between the food and the water

We use Tidy Cat Scoopable litter, but most will accept easily other types. Begin with more than one box placed throughout the home until the kitty is familiar and then, leave two if possible


PROBIOS. Put about 1/2 tsp daily on some wet food. Probios is an excellent system fortifier. I have had cats who have gotten loose stool who have responded right away to probios. It adds a GOOD flora to the body to fight against the stress of rehoming. I suggest you get some and give a couple times a week on a regular basis. Get this at http://www.revivalanimal.com/Probios.html or even AMAZON




The kittens are used to having some wet food each day. Here we always have on hand Friskies canned.

They also LOVE raw hamburg. This is fine to give them. Put the

Probios right on the meat or on a tablespoon or so of Friskies. Wet food is important for male cats as part of their regular diet.

I have also cooked up chicken and turkey for them on occasion which they also like. Just cut in small pieces...they act like little feral cats with it, growling fiercely when they eat it. Too funny

If you switch, then in a couple weeks just keep adding the new food to this mix until it is gradually all the new stuff.

PREPARING TO GO HOME...the weeks before:

They have been bathed regularly and I am not saying they like it, but they are very good with the bathing and the rinsing. They don't care for the blow dryer, but hey...you gotta get dry!

7 weeks: they will have had 7 days of Albon, which is just a routine treatment we do on every litter.

9 weeks: they had their first vaccine. Merial Purevax 3-way.

They will be due for their next vaccine when you take them to the vet for their incoming exam. I am not a fan of constant injections. I find them invasive on a cat that is going to be an indoor cat.

We we include a few toys too when we have them on hand, although I expect they will be showered with fun things.

Keep in mind that this is just a little baby, so keep everything he needs all in one area so he doesn't have to go far to find anything. Eventually he will rule the house - or co-rule if there are other pets. Remember he will not know who you are, or where he is or where his mom went. She has been a FIERCE protector of her babies driving out any adult cat from even looking at her babies!

I will have all the CFA and medicals papers and contract ready at delivery. If you have any questions, let me know. Take some time in advance to read through all this as once the kitten comes home, there probably won't be time! We want an easy transition.



GROOMING (click these links for lots of details)




Remember, there are no dumb questions! We are always happy to answer your questions. If we don't know, we can refer you to other resources.

Got questions?? PLEASE visit our FAQ page!! Or.....


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Thank you for your interest in getting a N.Y. Mews Persian or Himalayan kitten!