CH Kittystone's Rock Star of NYMews
Sealpoint Himalayan Male 2003-2007 (lost to cancer)
Simon's pedigree


Sally Dockstader


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"Simon" arrived May 2005 from Kittystone Cattery in Redding CA.
any thanks to Lynn for trusting us with this handsome guy!

Simon is pictured here at 9 months


Simon was born

May 27, 2003.



Real glamor cats, the himalayans combine the luxurious sophistication of the Persian family with the poise, good looks and markings of the Siamese. Like the Siamese the himalayan invariably has bright, sapphire-blue eyes and a face mask, ears, legs, feet and tail (the 'points') that are a different color than the rest of the body.



Experimental breeding programs in Sweden and the US during the 1920's produced the first Himalayans, but it was not until the late 1940's after a succession of carefully planned crossbreedings bewtween Persians and Siamese, that the modern cat finally emerged.

Himalayans are a subdivision of the Persian breed, whereas a few decades ago, in the CFA, they were presented as a separate breed.



To their owners, Himalayans combine the best of the two worlds: they have the gentle nature of the Persian, and the spirited, conversational nature of the Siamese. They are wonderful companions!


Himalayans come in MANY color varieties, such as sealpoint, bluepoint, chocolate point, creampoint, flamepoint to name a few. Crossing in tabby has also produced lynx-points in as many colors.





This is Simon at age 2 yrs. Wonderful little ears..he weighs 13.5 pounds.


Quote from "The Rules for Cats," by Fancy Mews

If grains of litter are clinging to your toes or tail, take care to scatter them in a confetti-like arc behind you as you make your exit. From time to time, bolt from your litter box as if shot from a cannon.

Paper shredding is but one of your many important responsibilities. Relieve your person of the stress of living on the information age by searching out and destroying letters, the newspaper, and important recipes.

Few people are capable of filling in the entire Sunday crossword. Help the puzzle-solver by lying across the difficult part.