GRC NY Mews Banyon McDuff
granded at age 10 mo for more info

Cream Persian Male - cpc


Sally Dockstader


Parents are
Sealy Dan
x Oddysee

Stop/Start Music


Mc Duff arrived
June 21 2005





The cream coat color is sound from root to tip. The paler and more "buff" the coat color, the better.


We do not want to see darkening spread across the back, sides or legs. A reddish or brownish hue to the tips of the coat is undesirable.


Nose leather and paw-pads are pink (really a rose color as opposed to a pink shade). The eye color is a brilliant copper. Here, a


brownish-copper eye color compliments a cream coat and is the eye color of choice


Creams can be laid-back to a fault. This is because they are very clear-minded and even-tempered most of the time.

Yet their feelings are on their sleeves. This is an accommodating (and bend-over-backwards-to-please-you) cat.

Not vocal at all, the cream is a loving and peaceful part of the solid spectrum.

But beware – some of them have their moods, which their soft exterior belies.


Want to read more about Persians?

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McDuff growing up

McDuff as a 'Teen-ager"

Congratulations to
Grand Champion McDuff!!

This handsome boy will be retiring in SEPTEMBER 2009 and will be available as a neutered pet ($200).

He is a friendly kitty and easy to care for. We simply have too many boys...

email ( or call 315.846.5730 for more info


Quote from "The Rules for Cats," by Fancy Mews

If grains of litter are clinging to your toes or tail, take care to scatter them in a confetti-like arc behind you as you make your exit. From time to time, bolt from your litter box as if shot from a cannon.

Paper shredding is but one of your many important responsibilities. Relieve your person of the stress of living on the information age by searching out and destroying letters, the newspaper, and important recipes.

Few people are capable of filling in the entire Sunday crossword. Help the puzzle-solver by lying across the difficult part.