Am I Prepared To Get A New Fur-baby??

Questions for prospective owners

These are questions you need to ask YOURSELF to be sure you are ready to take on a new do not need to respond to us with your answers. We just want to make sure you have thought over this commitment thoroughly. :-)

Impulse buyers rarely have thought through what a kitten needs over the rest of the pet's years. People need to be aware of the time, energy, and expense bringing a living animal into a home requires.


  • Do You Own? If renting, do you have permission from your landlord?

  • If you move, are you prepared to take this pet with you..and what if you can't?



  • Did you talk this over with the other family members?

  • Are there children in the home? Have they been around other pets? Know someone with a cat or kitten?
    Make sure your kids go VISIT and pet the definately need to test if the kids are allergic first.



  • Do you currently have other pets? If yes, then what species and breed? Keep in mind that there are some breeds of dogs that should not be exposed to a young kitten. Certain breeds of dogs have been bred specifically to hunt down small animals (terriers, for example); some breeds have an instinct to attack (doberman, pitbull) need to be aware of the temperment of your current pet!

  • If yes, then are you prepared to keep the new pet apart for a few days so they can adjust calmly?


  • Kittens may not need as much work as puppies, but they still need attention

  • Our kittens are INDOOR ONLY..a persian would be a disaster outside

  • If you go on vacation, it is BEST to find a local pet-sitter to come in for pet chores.


  • You need to have a regular vet that you can talk to and knows the breed

  • Take time to LEARN about the Persian breed's characteristics such as size, activity level and grooming requirements. You ARE choosing the most high-maintenance breed you know!
    They are truly NOT a ton of work and caring for one is not daunting...they do need combing every day or two..they do need nails clipped every 2 weeks...and a monthly bath is a great thing! (See our Grooming page) Not up to that?? Hey..that's what groomers are for!

  • Are you buying this kitten as a surprise gift? Noble gesture, but not a good idea. What if the recipient can't keep it, doesn't want it or is allergic?


Well, that's the questions...if you have any doubt, waiting never hurts! Nothing is 100% predictable in anyone's lives...things happen, but it's always good to consider what your plans would be just in case.


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