Bathing & GroomingYour Kitty

There is nothing more beautiful than a persian!

There is also nothing more terrible looking than a dirty, stained up persian


(we have have escapees..believe it or not, some cats HATE baths! I know, right?!! If the cat escapes, plan on mopping, maybe even changing the bed...better just the bathroom than the kitchen, living room, wet bed, etc)

Here is what you need to have before you begin:
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A pre-wash, a wash & a thorough rinsing

This how-to guide is what we found works best for us although there are plenty variations of it.

For me a tub bench, a handheld shower works best, but many of my breeder friends use the kitchen sink and the sprayer...same concept tho.

OK, so grab your kitty...check for matts and remove them. Comb the cats. Clip nails. Clean ears if needed.


BATHING - SHAMPOOING #1 - to degrease


INFO: Cats usually do NOT like the sound of running water!! Draw the water FIRST if using a tub method to avoid a claw-fest. They do not seem to mind the hand held though

Now, soak him thoroughly with the handheld shower right up close to the skin...water just rolls off the persian coat, so getting it into the fur is important.



Get underneath as much as possible. Many of my cats HATE to be put into a tub of water.



Some cats have greasier coats than others. For those you should consider TWO bathings.

The first will be with DAWN dishsoap (this cuts the grease). Apply to a few spots on the coat, add warm water and suds up everywhere adding warm water as you go. Dishsoap is hard to rinse out...but it is an excellent degreaser.




And then rinse...rinse everywhere!!

Squeeze the fur as you go to make sure the suds are gone. Hold your hand over the ears so no water gets in them. Can cause ear infection.


SECOND SHAMPOO!! use your favorite shampoo for the final wash. Mane & Tail is good for the everyday bath. Find at WalMart in the pet section.

My favorite is the #1 All Systems CRISP is a cleansing shampoo, removes buildup and rinses out nicely



These are my favorite shampoos:

CRISP COAT and PURE WHITE LIGHTENING - These are made by #1 All Systems and marketed as dog shampoos, but are excellent for persian cat coats as well. You can get these at and many other sites. Just makes sure it is made by #1 All Systems

and MANE'N'TAIL. Just do a google search - yes, they are for dogs and horses, but work GREAT on your cats too! You can get Mane'N'Tail at WalMart

Using a PET shampoo is better than a people shampoo because pet shampoos rinse out better.

CRISP COAT SHAMPOO Pure White Lightening Shampoo Mane and Tail Shampoo

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And once again...RINSE, RINSE, RINSE!!

Did we mention that you need to RINSE??!!!

It is important to get ALL the soap out else the coat will hang heavy and matt making your efforts a waste of time.



Now, squeeze the coat and make sure you cannot work up suds anywhere..if so, just re-rinse that area.


The key to a fluffy coat is no soapy residue.

Next, I get a washcloth and wipe the feet and then wring, and wipe the belly and the this all over the body.





Next, wrap your kitty in a fluffy bath towel.


This is when I wash the face. I used that warm washcloth to wash the face.

If this is a white cat, I would add a drop or two of baby shampoo on the washcloth. You can also use a baby toothbrush with soft bristles with a drop or so of baby shampoo and then finish with the washcloth


ALL front and back nails should be clipped every two weeks. Clip BEFORE bathing typically (this cat happens to be fine with baths so I do his when wrapped in a towel)

I pull out one leg at a time and clip the nails!

I use people toe nail clippers.

They are easier for me to handle

Toe Nail Clippers - get nearly anywhere
These are some other types you can get as well Pet Nail Trimmers




squeeze paw to force nails to extend


Gently squeeze the paw to force the nails to extend.

Then, clip off the 'hook' (the clear part)

where to clip the claw

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Next I either hold the kitty for a few minutes or put him in the carrier in his towel to dry for a 5-10 min



NEVER NEVER blow dry a cat inside a carrier!!!!!!!!! You can KILL him with a heat stroke!


Most brushes are worthless on a Persian cat. You need a metal comb....Plastic combs are useless on a persian or himmy.


Comb the cat out BEFORE you bathe. Start with the wide tooth comb.

My favorite combs:

The white ones are made by Miller-Forge. They also come with handles, but every one I have ever gotten, the handle has broken, so now I just use this style comb. Get them at REVIVAL ANIMAL HEALTH Item # 14824-795



The metal comb (coarse/medium) is also a really nice one! It is made by MASTER and the teeth are XYLAN coated to prevent static. Get them at PETEDGE. They are a 'greyhound' style comb.



During blow-drying, you could use the pin brush. Make sure you DON'T get the kind with the balled end on the pins. They just yank out the coat. The purpose of the pin brush is to add volume - people who show the cats use these to make the top coat flow smoothly, but you ALWAYS comb with the metal combs. Pin brushes are for finish work only on a Persian cat.




I got my blunt end curved scissors from Sallys Beauty supply. I use these to trim the fur short around the eyes. You can get them also at several places online. Do a search on "Millers Forge Pet Ear and Nose Scissor, 3-3/4-Inch, Curved"


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Miller-Forge Combs



You can get these at P-K Products





Use those blunt end scissors to trim fur from around the eyes..keeps crusties from forming if the fur is trimmed close to the rims. This is a calm cat...some jerk away.

Be careful..or just don't try it if the cat is afraid. No need for an injury

Figure on an hour using a blow dryer

OK, so don't just let your persian air-dry.

First of all, unless it is a dry sunny summer day, and your cat has a skimpy coat, this will take HOURS..and can you imagine sitting wet for hours? The cat can get a chill, and when it is finally dried, it will probably be matted up and a mess.


Unwrap the kitty and with your hands, fluff up all of his will dry a LOT faster if it is not laying flat...






Now, with your blow-dryer going at a few feet away, begin combing the coat with a COARSE one layer at a time, don't try to get all the way through with a wet it dries, you can work further down.


Fluff up the coat with your hands as the blower is on, gently use the Pin brush to lift the coat - will dry quicker

I prefer to dry UNDERNEATH and the ruff first...

Your pin brush will come in handy as the coat dries

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These little pet-mate cages (I got mine at Walmart for under $30) are perfect for blow-drying while you clean up.

I have a cage dryer, but you could use a people blow dryer as long as there is PLENTY of ventilation and you keep it far enough away so you do not burn the cat. Get one that has the 'cool' setting too.

NEVER NEVER NEVER blow dry your cat inside a pet carrier!!! He can get a heat stroke and die!!!

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Haul him out periodically and do some more combing to get that fur all separated so it will dry!


Got a WHITE CAT???
Please click here for face-cleaning info...


This is a METRO Force Blow dryer for pets. You can get these at Amazon and many other places...follow your Google search results. These dry the animal in half the time. They are rather loud, and quite powerful but the cats get used to them with regular use.

NEVER NEVER NEVER blow dry your cat inside a pet carrier!!! He can get a heat stroke and die!!!


READY, SET ...SHOW!!!!!!!
Your hard work pays off!!

Fountainhead Deluge being judged by TICA judge, Rene Knapp!

Fountainhead Deluge being judged by CFA judge, Chuck Gradowski