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Painted Lady's Pedigree


Sally Dockstader



Polly is a very shy cat. She went to one home and was returned. She was too frightened. She will need a bit of one-on-one working with. I got her from a breeder who retired in hopes of finding her a home...

$200 - already spayed




Quote from "The Rules for Cats," by Fancy Mews




If you have been acting ill, begin recovering on the way to the vet's office. When you are presented for examination, display a healthful vigor and a chipper, playful demeanor

Occasionally reject your favorite food. This must be done on an absolutely ordinary day when you are in the peak of good health and there is no possible explanation for your action.


Stop/Start Music




The calico persian is a white cat with black and red. Preferably more than half of the cat should be white.

The calico was so named because its bold splashes of color resemble the popular type of printed cotton.

Another female-only type which also comes in DILUTE form.

It is not hard to understand the enormous popularity of this variety: bright splashes of color against white. As with the DILUTE calico, a facial blaze is desirable.




This is a calm sweet-natured and extremely friendly cat.


Calico persians were once known as Chintz cats. They were accepted for championship in the mid-1950's.


Consistently good types have been produced by matung queens with bi-color males produced from calico persians.


The CFA breed standard describes the Calico/Bicolor:

EYE COLOR: brilliant copper, blue or odd-eyed, with noted exception. Odd-eyed bi-colors shall have one blue and one copper eye with equal color depth.

EXCEPTION: silver tabby and white, silver patched tabby and white, blue silver tabby and white and blue silver patched tabby and white may also have green or hazel eye color. These colors in odd-eyed shall have one blue and one green, hazel or brilliant copper eye with equal color depth.

CALICO: a tri-color cat of black, red and white. The red and the black should appear as clear, unbrindled patches. As a preferred minimum, the cat should have white feet, legs, undersides, chest and muzzle. Less white than this minimum should be penalized proportionately.