CH NY Mews Ruby Mewsday (Retired)
Red Tabby cpc persian female

Ruby's pedigree


Sally Dockstader


Bee, red tabby female persian
Stop/Start Music



Ruby is now living with her new family.


Ruby was born on June 11 birthday! I HAD to keep her! 3 months old here.

Ruby, red tabby female persian Shown here at 6 cute!!

Snooksy's Trillium, copper eyed white female persian


This is her mom, CH Kelso's Trillium of NY Mews.

copper eyed white female, Snooksy's Trillium


Trilly is now retired now lives with Scott and Stephanie and is a very adored girl, as you can see!

red and white bicolor male persian


This is her dad, CH Cat-On-Rouge, a handsome red and white bicolor, also now retired.

Kottonkats Lucille, red tabby female persian



This is her GRANDMOTHER, Lucy.. who is the mother to CH Cat-On-Rouge.
Ruby, red tabby persian

She is a really lovely girl, and oh so gentle. She loves to pose and prop herself up on things. I call it her Glamour Kitty pose!

Ruby has wonderful eyes! Nice head shape and is very affectionate. She is one of our very best moms