CH Rymar's Noah of NY Mews
Noah's pedigree

Blue Persian Male


Sally Dockstader


This is Noah...he came to live with us Summer of 2005.


He is a short, compact heavy boy with a short tail!


Stop/Start Music


Blue Persian

from The Ultimate Cat Book by Daivid Taylor

Of all the persians, the Blue Persian's popularity has been the most enduring. One hundred examples of the breed were entered in the 1899 London cat show and today there are special shows in Britain devoted solely to the Blue Persian.

Visit the Blue Persian Society page and look through the pictures of blue show cats from nearly 100 yrs ago!


Carefully controlled breeding has ensured that the Blue Persian most closely represents the standard laid down for Persians and as a result it is frequently used to improve the type of other color varieties.


History of the Blue Persian

Although longhaired blue cats have been featured in artists' impressions for several centuries, and were well-known in Renaissance Italy, the modern variety did not come into its own until the late nineteenth century.


The breed probably originated from crossbreeding between white persians and black persians and early examples showed tabby markings.



He is a non-spraying male.

He is frisky and has a nice personality

Quote from "The Rules for Cats," by Fancy Mews

If grains of litter are clinging to your toes or tail, take care to scatter them in a confetti-like arc behind you as you make your exit. From time to time, bolt from your litter box as if shot from a cannon.

Paper shredding is but one of your many important responsibilities. Relieve your person of the stress of living on the information age by searching out and destroying letters, the newspaper, and important recipes.

Few people are capable of filling in the entire Sunday crossword. Help the puzzle-solver by lying across the difficult part.