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Sally Dockstader


bluecream persians








another fine kitten from Stanwick Persians in South Africa!!!


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Blue Cream Persian

A coat that is a pleasing mixture of cream and pale blue-gray has ensured that this breed's enormous popularity will continue.

The way in which the color genes are inherited means that male blue-cream persians are rare and most invariably, sterile. In fact, registries such as the CFA do not allow the registration of a bluecream male, only females.




The bluecream persian is considered more outgoing than many persians but is equally affectionate and amenable.

The CFA breed standard describes the
blue cream persian as follows:


BLUE-CREAM: blue with patches of
cream or softly intermingled areas of
cream on both body and extremities. Lighter shades preferred. Nose leather
and paw pads: blue and/or pink.
Eye color: brilliant copper.

Stanwick bluecream persian










bluecream persian from S Africa










Mewtiny-beautiny is her nickname!

mewtiny, bluecream persian from Stanwick cattery







mewtiny, bluecream persian from Stanwick Cattery in S Africa, Rusty Human breeder
mewtiny, bluecream persian from Stanwick Cattery in S Africa
GRC STanwick Witch Hazel, tortoiseshell

Mewtiny's Mother:

GRC Stanwick's Witch Hazel

Imp Supreme Grand Champion Stanwick Buk-I-Paws, blue male persian

Mewtiny's father:

Imperial Supreme Grand Champion Stanwick's Buk-I-Paws

GRC Stanwick Am I Blue, blue female persian

Mewtiny's Grandmother
(Witch Hazel's Mother)
GRC Stanwick's Am I Blue

Quote from "The Rules for Cats," by Fancy Mews

Humans are often restless during sleep. Discourage their potentially harmful thrashing by remaining awake and alert. At the first sign of movement, leap onto the moving limb with your claws out.

It is often difficult to tell if a human is dead or merely sleeping. Pouncing firmly and forcefully on the chest will act as CPR in case the heart has actually stopped.

NEVER cough up a furball on a floor that needs cleaning. Wait for a surface that has just been cleaned and polished, preferably a white or beige carpet.