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Odd-Eyed White Persians

Odd-Eyed White Persians









To its devoted followers the white persian combines all the virtue of its type: glamor, a noble expression, fur that is silky to the touch, and a sweet tranquil nature.

Apart from a few minutes of daily grooming, your lovely white persian may require a routine regimen of bathing (monthly or so) to keep her from any staining. Kittens that get bathed early on, are typically very easy to groom.




Although pure white cats of the Angora type were the first longhaired cats to be introduced into Europe as long ago as the 16th century, the modern white persian is of the Victorian era. It was developed by crossbreeding Angoras with persians. The breed was shown in London in 1903 and has increased in popularity since.




White persians are fastidious cats who take pride in their appearance, regualarly cleaning themselves. They are calm and affectionate and make a superb pet for those confined indoors - a classic salon cat.




Variety is defined by eye color which can be blue eyed, copper eyed or odd-eyed. Deafness is associated with the gene for white fur, and can occur in blue eyed cats most frequently, but can also be found in odd-eyed AND even in copper eyed cats.



Deafness in no way makes this beautiful creature less of a companion, although precautions must be taken to never allow it to roam outside.




The CFA breed standard describes the white persian as follows:

WHITE: pure glistening white. Nose leather and paw pads: pink. Eye color: deep blue or brilliant copper. Odd-eyed whites shall have one blue and one copper eye with equal color depth.

Quote from "The Rules for Cats," by Fancy Mews

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