Our Kittens










Our beautiful kittens will have her parents' exceptional
people-loving personalities


Email us! nypersians@gmail.com




Email us! nypersians@gmail.com



If interested, we require a $150 deposit. We will send you an email to confirm that we have received it once it arrives. After that, we will send pictures weekly. The kittens will have their routine deworming around age 8 weeks, and then their first vaccine around age 9 weeks.


ON JUNE 5TH 2017 , they will be spayed or neutered (if they weigh 2 pounds) by OUR vet. Expect this charge to be $125-145 depending on male or female. Then, within a week, the kittens will be ready to go home and we will set a date for you to come and get. We can also meet somewhere or deliver (this will be an additional amount depending on location. (We are located 1 hr north of Syracuse NY) Meanwhile, once you have your homecoming date, you will then make an appointment with your OWN vet so that the kitten will be seen by him within 3 BUSINESS days of acquisition. Your vet will then give the next vaccine and rabies. You will get the medical records and the CFA papers to register your kitten



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