Pedigree Of Champion Nymews Eleanor Mewsavelt
Sex Female
Breed Persian-Himalayan
Variety Tortie Point
D.o.B 04/01/2008
Breeder/Owner Mrs S Dockstader
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents

Grand Champion Thundapurr High Beams Of Kasiakatz
Red (cc)

Grand Champion Thundapurr Samson Song Of Strength
Seal Point
CH Playwickey I Got Rhythm
Red Tabby (cc)
GC & NW Playwickey Flirty Flirty Eyes
Flame Point
CH Myshadows Skybu Pink Of Playwickey
Blue Patched Tabby (cc)
GC Thundapurr Belle Reve
Blue Point
GC Twinrhodes High Class
Seal Point
CH Prancenpaws Turning Point
Blue Point
Champion Sonsie Penny's From Heaven
Red Tabby
GC Colesco Wild West Of Sonsie
Red Tabby-White
Kelsha 40 West
CH Colesco Ditto
Red Tabby-White
GC Karres Midnight Sun Of Sonsie
Riell Murphy's Law Of Karris
CH Ezluvin Summer Dream Of Karris






Grand Champion Nymews Honey Nut
Seal Point

CH Kittystone's Rock Star Of Ny Mews
Seal Point
GRC Kittystone's Rocky
Flame Point
GRC, GP Thesaurus Calvin Klean Of Rainyday
CH Kittystone's Pebbles
Tortie Point

CH, DM Alomi's Disco Fever Of Kittystone
Blue-Cream Point

Grc, Int CH Teah Winter's Frost Of Alomi
Blue Point
Keystone She So Bad Of Alomi
Flame Point

CH Nymews Sophia Purr-En

CH Diwood Sealy Dan Of Nymews
Seal Point

CH 4him Living Stones Of Diwood
Blue Point

CH Juky Olen Liza Of Diwood
Seal Point

CH & PR Brigantina Anastasia Of Nymews
Seal Point

GRC Oakheaven Starline Of Brigantina
Seal-Lynx Point

CH, DM Oakheaven Divine Ms Jackeye
Seal Point

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