Pedigree Of Champion NYMews Catsablanca
Sex Female
Breed Persian
Variety Copper-Eyed White (cc)
D.o.B 01/03/2008
Breeder/Owner Mrs S Dockstader
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Grand Champion NYMews Giovanni Catsanova
Copper-Eyed White
CH Kyaleen Shakespurrs Romeow of NYMews
Copper-Eyed White
Divarosa Jon Bon Jovi of Kyaleen
Copper-Eyed White
Cattrax Jim Dandy
Copper-Eyed White
CH Mossrose Burning Desire
Ivywall Ivana of Kyaleen
Tortie Smoke
GRC Ivywall Tabasco
Red (cameo) Smoke
GRC Sandman Whitney of Ivywall
Scruftys Mini Purrl of NYMews
Copper-Eyed White
Scruftys Happy Harry Houligan
Odd-Eyed White
CH Marsamis Pop Secret of Lepasdechat
Blue-Eyed White
Klasik Amaretto of Scruftys
Lepasdechat Jazzysinger of Scruftys
Copper-Eyed White
GRC, RW Mossrose Brandy Alexander
Red Tabby
GRC Lepasdechat Razzamatazz
Blue-Eyed White
CH NYMews Sophia Purr-en
CH Diwood Sealy Dan of NYMews
Seal Point
CH 4Him Living Stones of Diwood
Blue Point
GRC, RW, DM Prancenpaws Booster Shot
Cream Point
CH Anointed I Surrender All
Blue Point
CH Juky Olen Liza of Diwood
Seal Point
GRC Careyata Commotion of Juky Olen
Seal Point
CH Brigantina Mishel of Juky Olen
CH Brigantina Anastasia of NYMews
Seal Point
GRC Oakheaven Starline of Brigantina
Seal-Lynx Point
CH Whisperwood Top-Of-The-Line
Blue-Lynx Point
CH Luvhaven Hale-Bopp A Do
Seal Point
CH, DM Oakheaven Divine Ms Jackeye
Seal Point
GRC Oakheaven Damn Dave!
Black (cc)
GRC Oakheaven Bam Bam Bina
Blue Point
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