Heals On Wheels
This article appeared in the Nov 11 2001 Watertown Daily Times, photos and text by Richard Brooks



Sally Dockstader



It's just after sunrise. The sky is still dark blue when Dr. Andre CHarlebois, owner of Hilltop Mobile Veterinary CLinic, prepares his RV for work.


He starts his day early at the Jefferson County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals building on Water Street, town of Pamelia. He is the SPCA's resident veterinarian. His day doesn't usually end until after dark, after going on house calls. "Sometimes we'll set up house calls for a single pet, and in some cases we may do house calls for as many as 15 pets," says Dr. Charlebois.

The RV is cramped when all 5 staff members and clients are inside. Odors of dogs, cats and disinfectants permeate the air, though the clinic is kept very clean.

The almost four years, the mobile clinic has allowed Dr Charlebois to pursue two passions: a private practice in veterinarian medicine and a practice in shelter medicine. As long as it continues to be fun running his mobile clinic, Dr Charlebois says he will keep right on going.

Dr Charlebois drives about 30,000 miles a year in the Watertown area conducting his practice. The RV can get crowded during clinic hours, as the vet, two licensed technicians, an associate veterinarian and an office manager work together.